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Adding Images to the Cart

Purchasing a print is as simple as clicking on the shopping cart icon in the image slideshows.

Select an image gallery on the home page, browse the gallery, and select the shopping cart icon  for the photograph you would like to purchase.

You will then have the option of choosing the size and medium of your print.  Once added to your cart you can add more prints or continue to checkout with credit card or paypal.

Kodak Print

starting at

$35 USD

$ 75 AUD

Bamboo Print

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$195 USD

$ 325 AUD

Canvas Print

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$395 USD

$ 495 AUD

Metal Print

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$595 USD

$ 895 AUD

Triptych & Mural Size Reproductions

Large spaces require large artwork to appropriately fill the space.  All prints are of the highest quality from the moment captured to the printing process.  The combination of a full-frame camera and very sharp prime lenses create a very high-resolution image that can render prints that can span a space 16′ wide.  This is perfect for long panoramics or creating mural size reproductions of a standard size image.  For example, a print could be as large as 12′ feet wide and 8′ tall and would consist of three 4′ wide by 8′ high prints.

Triptychs and mural-size reproductions are best suited for Metal and Canvas but can still be achieved with Bamboo and Framed Kodak Prints.

If you are interested in purchasing a print of this nature, or a specific custom size, please email [email protected] with your request.

Limited Edition Prints

Each photograph is unique and will only be printed 200 times in limited-edition sizes.  Prints are available in various mediums and sizes ranging from 16″x24″ to 48″x72″.  Each purchase comes with a Certificate of Authenticity identifying the edition and print number of the piece.  The chart below explains the different size options and how many reproductions of each edition will be printed.  Alexander Sharkey photography is not available for mass reproduction or digital sale.

1st Edition (48"x72") | 20 Reproductions
2nd Edition (40"x60") | 30 Reproductions
3rd Edition (32"x48") | 40 Reproductions
4th Edition (24"x36") | 50 Reproductions
5th Edition (16"x24") | 60 Reproductions